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About Us

We are a company of professionals engaged in providing world class products andservices to trade & industry, government institutions, research organisations and manufacturing organisations. Our broad expertise areas are : Distribution of EV and energy storage related testing systems Consulting for Sales Process transformation Consulting for innovation based value addition We are connected to companies related to manufacturing and consuming of batteries,particularly, lithium ion, NiCad, etc. Our customers value our level of experience and trust us for fairness and dedication.

Technical Highlights

Characterize and diagnose the health of your battery cells ? We have the solution

Innovative German technology for complete characterization (voltage, spectral impedance, capacity, temperature) or fully automated quality assessment of 3 parameters within 1 second (voltage, DC-R,AC-R) for cell balancing. The battery testers from BRS Messtechnik GmbH, Germany offer unrivaled capabilities with a...

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Fundamentals of Spectral Impedance

The internal resistance of a battery is strongly frequency dependent: it decreases with increasing frequency and exhibits reactive components. Therefore it is called spectral impedance which is depicted either per magnitude and phase (and graphically as Bode plot) or per...

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